A Short Overview Of The History Of Aviation

Aviation is the craftsmanship of aeronautics or navigation. This can involve anything from the planning and development of aircrafts to the operation of rockets. Gabriel La Landelle, a French author developed the term “navigation”, which is now utilized in virtually every aspect of aeronautics. Human flight stems back to the ancient times of Greek mythology. Daedalus, a master artificer, developed the labyrinth, which was designed to hold the evil Minotaur. However, things did not turn out so well for Daedalus and his son Icarus, so they both were forced to flee Crete.


First Makeshift Aircraft


Daedalus developed a structure out of wax and feathers. The makeshift aircraft would be used to help Daedalus and Icarus escape, but they would have to keep it high above the sea, but not to close to the clouds. It would prove to be a challenging task, since the moisture and humidity arising from the sea could potentially damage the wings. By this time, Icarus thought he had the operation process down pat and refused to heed to his father’s instructions. Unfortunately, the structure came in close proximity of the sun, so the wax began to melt away.




If you find yourself with a free afternoon, you should definitely consider taking a tour at one of the local airports. Many airports offer walk-through tours for first time visitors and groups. A guide will take you on a tour through the airport, while providing you with a detailed story of the facility. This adventure is suitable for all age groups and will provide everyone with a history about the airport and aircraft. If you are unsure about the tour times, just contact your local airport. A representative will be able to provide you with scheduling information and ticket prices.




Aviation museums are also great places to see ancient artifacts and modern displays of aircrafts. These are spread throughout the United States and maintain some of the most valuable war birds that have been restored to perfection. If you get the opportunity to visit one of these facilities, be sure to take your camera. For the veteran in the family, you may just get the opportunity to reminisce with other veterans on this special day.


Common Insects


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