“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”, Michael Altshuler once said regarding time management.

At Evans Ville RC Club, we change that quote to: “We’ve accepted that time flies. The good news is you’re A pilot.”

Evans Ville RC Club is an organization of men who love to travel in and fly an aircraft, do some repair and maintenance on charters, and redefine aviation in our little ways.

We came from different towns and cities throughout the United States. We’ve traveled the country and others more.

We love to get together and talk about air, our craft, and air crafts. We are Evans Ville RC Club.

We are on a mission, and that is to keep the spirit of aviation community high and vibrant.

We have a vision, and that is for more people and enthusiasts within the country and abroad to promote aviation as an industry and recreation.

Evans Ville RC Club acknowledges that the community must have more participation in flights to appreciate this industry better, but to achieve this goal, we make ways for the public to enjoy the beauty and science of aviation for them to travel by air more often.

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