Welcome To Evans Ville RC Club’s New Members And Monthly Update

Hello there all you aviators! This past month has been a busy time for the busy bodies here at Evans Ville RC Club. During the past month, our team has been working diligently to schedule new meetings, so everyone can get together and discuss their latest adventures. From now until the end of the year, we will be offering simulation flying courses to all school aged children within the local community. This will coincide with the Chapter 74 Free for All, which started on September the 10th and will concluded on December the 3rd. Our San Antonio office is happy to welcome all youths, who are interested in learning more about aviation and flight.

Also during this past month, our club has been expanded with the addition of four new members. We’re happy to have these individuals and sincerely believe they’ll be valuable assets to our team. These individuals will be introduced below.

Jack Thompson

Our first new member hails right out of San Antonio. Mr. Thompson is a Texan by birth and by heart. He owns a small business and runs it directly out of his home. Jack has approximately one thousand hours behind the wheel and will provide us with insight into his experience in the air. Jack is married with three kids all of whom are now marriage with kids of their own.

Frank Smith

Mr. Smith is not a Texan by birth, but he is a Texan by heart. So, we can forgive that minor flaw. Mr. Smith worked as a Boston exterminator for many years, before moving to Texas with his wife and two children. During his spare time, Frank has been working diligently to learn how to fly an aircraft. He also loves flight simulators and will be a valuable asset to our club!

Betty Davis

We’re thrilled to invite a new female member to our club. Betty Davis is a former nurse, who has grown fond of the idea of taking flight. Her husband was an avid pilot and the pair spend a great deal of time in their air together. We’re happy to have Mrs. Davis join our group and we’ll be thrilled to hear about her time with her pilot husband.

Todd White

Todd White is a newbie to the trade. He has never official flown an aircraft, but he has plenty of practice with flight simulators. Todd is just 27 years old and he is single. With a little tender love and care, we sincerely believe he can become one of the best pilots in San Antonio!

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